@7shades: Repping the Antipodes: Yes indeed! 30% chance the car is also stolen at the time of the burnout. » 11/16/10 3:41am 11/16/10 3:41am

@HeadTater: It's a possibility, but I doubt it. Even environmentalists have enough brains to realize big-engined cars are still being made every day. » 11/15/10 2:38am 11/15/10 2:38am

If nobody has said Mercedes-Benz W124 yet, then something is horribly wrong here. Oops. Ok someone has. All is well. » 11/14/10 4:17am 11/14/10 4:17am

If a black guy had posted this article, would it be racist? » 11/12/10 5:19pm 11/12/10 5:19pm

@schnitzengruben: Never liked that car at all. It's wrong from every point of view. » 11/12/10 7:11am 11/12/10 7:11am

Is it wrong that I like turquoise? » 11/10/10 3:39am 11/10/10 3:39am

Just like a pedophile with a van full of candy, it's always about teh sex. Sorry for being tasteless, but y'know... » 11/10/10 3:20am 11/10/10 3:20am

@Morlay: Seconded. It just doesn't get better-styled than the E39. » 11/09/10 5:50am 11/09/10 5:50am

@mrwumasta: Shelley Long always seems so damn insincere. I don't think I could ever believe a word she says. It's something to do with her face, and her mannerisms. » 11/09/10 5:41am 11/09/10 5:41am

@Hoccy: I have to agree. And thank you for posting the model with Euro headlamps. » 11/07/10 1:35am 11/07/10 1:35am

Somehow I'm glad Vinny lost. His Beetle article was just over the top (humorous or not). » 11/07/10 1:15am 11/07/10 1:15am

@7shades: Smarmy antipodean: Finding a good car for people is something I greatly enjoy. I love giving advice on cars. I'm not a broker, either. » 10/31/10 7:00am 10/31/10 7:00am

@irishman-AARGH!: What a great email address! Tom Petty fan perhaps? » 10/28/10 4:44am 10/28/10 4:44am

You saw that movie 80 TIMES before age 13? » 10/25/10 2:49am 10/25/10 2:49am

@essper: So she's long, made of steel, has a blunt nose and most of her motivation is in her rear-end? » 10/23/10 12:52am 10/23/10 12:52am

Tom Petty had a place to stash his marijuana on a plane. It was Ron Blair's mouth. » 10/22/10 8:35pm 10/22/10 8:35pm

Axl is a douchebag of the highest order. I'm really surprised he hasn't written a self-help guide to the art of d-baggery by now. » 10/22/10 8:21pm 10/22/10 8:21pm